I am one week away from starting my second year of teaching and can’t wait.

Last year I came across several 180 blogs and followed these teachers for a year, reading about and seeing incredible growth in their students and teaching. A voice in the back of my head has been working at me for the last few weeks and I want to give this post once a day for 180 days thing a try.

Before starting this I have created a list of goals/reasons to always keep in mind and come back to when things get tough (oh February…)

Here they are:

My Goals:

  1. Get plugged into the math blogosphere
  2. Challenge myself to always be better
  3. Accountability
  4. Provide resources for others

Pretty straightforward, I expect to struggle and grow just like my students. Again, this is only year two for me, but I want to provide a resource/community for other new teachers who are in the same boat as I am. One of my biggest struggles last year was comparing myself to master teachers out in the blogosphere who seem to have an amazing lesson for everyday of the school year. For us new teachers that is near impossible, but having passion in what you do everyday in the classroom is and I want to share that experience with you.




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