Day 3: Who I am

We had an assembly in the morning so the time we had for each period was kind of funky today. I had Algebra students go though estimation180 day 1 and then average their guesses. All four of my periods were within 2 inches of the actual height and one period was exactly on, we had some interesting conversations about why that was. After students filled out Who I Am by Dan Meyer and that pretty much wrapped up the period.

In Geometry we started with an area problem. At first I was set on using a system to get an exact number but then realized it was more important for me to have students think of different ways to approach the problem. I regret going through and showing a solution; that should not be the emphasis so early on.  Day3

Students then on a cup stacking problem and calculated my height in Styrofoam cups. This was pretty hectic and chatty; I felt rushed and was not about to clearly communicate my expectations. I  really struggle in finding a balance between how much I let students work as groups or independently and how much time I spend actually teaching/lecturing. I have been letting Geometry pick their own seats, but I think next week I will give them a seating chart for a little more structure and to learn their names quicker.


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