Day 6: Jinx Math & Sticky Notes

In Algebra we started with Day 2 of estimate180, it was fun hearing how students used the knowledge of Andrew’s height to determine his wife’s. I then spent a little time trying (poorly) to talk about how concept tests work (more to come in another post!) We spent the rest of the day on Jinx Math.


Students enjoyed trying to beat the system and find numbers that wouldn’t work. My favorite part was when a student asked “What happens if we skip step 4?” In the end we discovered that if you skip step 4 everyone’s number changes to 13.5. But if you skip step 5, everyone’s number is different.

In Geometry, I asked students to take 4 sticky notes and place them on their desks equal distances apart. I wanted to try and use this activity to lead into line segments and those sort of postulates. Quite a few students found the center of their desk and stuck they sticky notes there, I was not sure how to react to that. Next year I want to try giving them a 8.5 by 11 piece of paper and ask them to create four dots that are an equal distance apart.

All in all it was a good day in both classes.


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