Day 7: Out of The Classroom

I was at a Cross Country meet today so I only spent two periods with students. Algebra took a department wide diagnostic test and Geometry worked through some problems involving points, lines, and planes and the segment addition postulate.

I want to take this short times away from the classroom to blog on this experience so far.

Having time to reflect each day has already been incredibly beneficial. I love that I get to share happenings in my room on a daily basis with others, but I also believe this is a great form of professional growth. I bomb lessons, hard, sometimes and I am ok with that. It is all part of the process of teaching and taking risks. This blog allows me to reflect on those lessons and share them with others. I come across so many awesome lessons and actives whenever I start digging, but as a second year teacher classroom management is still a huge roadblock at times and it feels like the teachers who create those lessons have that area down.

If a lesson, my classroom, or my motivation starts to spiral out of control I am going to write about it. I want other teachers/math gurus/anyone who reads this to know that I am still at the beginning of my career and at times my classroom is CRAZY. But, the only days I have ever regretted teaching are the ones that I was not inspired by to begin with. So I hope this blog continues to inspire my career and other teacher’s as well!



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