Day 11: HWD (How We Do) – Homework

In Geometry we played around with formulas and put some visual patterns into the mix as well. However, today we calculated perimeter instead.


In Algebra we wrapped up Crossing The River and talked about the equation 25 = 4A + 1. I spent some class time going through a few examples of one and two step equations introducing some vocab along the way.

After we fished up I gave students some practice problems for the last 20 minutes of class.

I want to use today to write about how homework/classwork goes in my classes.

I have students who come from 6 or 7 different schools so there is a wide range of abilities. I don’t believe that giving ever student a single assignment  of 2 – 50 evens reaches students the best way. So here is how classwork/homework goes.

day12Two different assignments for two different ability levels. Students pick one and get to work. I explain that the /homework part of this only comes into play if they choose not to use their time in class productively. I do not ask students to take the problems they didn’t complete home and work on them there. I am more interested in the quality of student’s work over the quantity.

With two minutes left in class I throw up something along these lines:


Student pick one of the two questions and bring it in complete the next day.


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