Day 12: Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

I gave my first concept test in Algebra and Geometry today. For some reason I decided to give them at the beginning of the period, which was something I told myself not to do last year but went against my own discretion. The combination of testing then practice problems on a Friday was not a good move on my end.


Today was a day to learn from and then just keep moving on.

In Algebra after the test we went over a few two step equations then played some Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe (which I am crazy for). Every single time I have had students play this, the number of behavior issues drops to 0. I also try and add different games throughout the year, especially when it feels like we (when I say that I actually mean I) are in a slump.

After the concept test in Geometry we went through Dan’s Best MidPoint. At first it seemed like students were stumped but something I really try and pay attention to is the amount of time I spend before I start throwing out lifelines. I walked around for about 10 minutes and let students struggle (I want so much more of this). Then students shared out their rules.


I was happy to see students messing around with different equations. Poor planning on my end made it so the bell rang right after we shared these out. We will pick up the pieces Monday.


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