Day 13: Translating

The textbook I follow starts the off with translating. I decided to open the year a little differently (as you can tell if you follow my blog). I started with introducing two-step equations then moved to translating. My only reason behind this is students spend SO. MUCH. TIME. solving equations. I wanted to mix things up a little.

With that said Algebra started off with Mental Math which went great. It is always interesting to see how students approach different types of problems.

After I followed along with Dan’s  method of introducing translating from week 3. I think he has done a great job of scaffolding the problems, students followed really well. One area of particular interest for me was talking with students about the power of a comma;


There is a massive difference between:

  • the sum of 12 and five times m.
  • the sum of 12 and five, times m.

We had great discussions all day over this.

For some reason students wanted to set each expression equal to something. For example: The product of 15 and c had to equal some other variable. Not sure where this came from, better talk to my people because I am not sure what consequences this type of thinking may have.

In Geometry we wrapped up Best Midpoint then started messing around with the distance and midpoint formulas. I may have dumped a little too much information/proof on them today; I don’t like just throwing around formulas and having them practice, with out any ideas of where they come from.

I am looking forward to a great week, lots of fun activities planned!


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