Day 15: Super Stairs

Today was rushed; we had an early release so periods were only 35 minutes + homecoming week = crazy.

In Algebra students had a work day and practiced either two-step or multi-step equations. If you haven’t see how we do homework/practice check it out here.

Geometry worked through Dan’s 3 act Super Stairs. This summer I attended one of Dan’s workshops and he walked the group through this problem.The group seemed to really enjoy it. Here is a quick recap:

  • Play the video, teacher ask students to write down the first question that comes to their mind.
  • As students share out, teacher ask who else finds a question interesting.
  • After a while students will ask “How many steps does he take” and “How long will it take him”
  • Teacher asks students to write down guesses
  • Share and record those guesses
  • Teacher asks what info is important; compile a list.
  • Give students info
  • Students work on solving the questions
  • Share solutions, whoever guessed the closest gets one clap
  • Address unanswered questions

Whenever I do 3-Act math I always forget to go back and address the list of questions we came up with. Today I didn’t do that and it felt much more rounded.

What I did forget to do though was have students title the lesson….


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