Day 18: Station Review

In Geometry we needed some time to go back and review a few concepts. Part of the reason for this is my class has been chatty and I didn’t do much about it. The other part is students have been rushing through everything, not much patient problem solving goes on during some days. And that is fine, it takes time to get there.

One activity I use for student review is stations, here is how it goes.

  • Students break into groups of 3 or 4, which I use Instant Classroom for.
  • They have 6 minutes to work on the problem at their station.
  • I set a timer, once it goes off they rotate.
  • While students are working I listen in and write some of things I heard up on the board.
This lets students know I am listening and a part of the class.

Now after this point I am not quite sure where to go. What I have been doing is having students staple all of the group members sheets together and randomly grading one. This holds all students accountable for the work. There may be better ways out there but this has always worked for me.

For algebra we solved equations for a specific variable, have a look;


I struggled today; my classes were pretty noisy and it felt unproductive. I was thinking about why this happened, and here is my recap: this concept is not very useful. 

Sure students will use this to solve equations for x and y and MAYBE sometime in future classes like Physics and Chemistry. But will students be doing this anytime soon? Or an even better question; Will this concept be beneficial for any conversation we will be having about math in the next few days? Weeks? Months?

I taught this purely based on where it is placed in the textbook sequence and to be honest I don’t think I will keep this next year. Another problem was I did not have much enthusiasm about this and whenever that happens the negativity goes straight to the students.

After my experiences today I want to try and do a better job of asking myself “Is this content going to be beneficial for students in the up coming weeks?” and not simply base my response to that off where the concept happens to fall within the textbook.


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