Day 20: If… Then…

I spent a lot of time today talking about college and telling stories about my crazy roommates. It is important for students to see that I am not just a mean-lean math machine. Plus it was college day so every teacher was sharing out.

Algebra spent the rest of the time practicing absolute value and multi-step equations.

In Geometry we picked back up on Sam’s lesson. Students created big and little posters, we will gallery walk tomorrow.

IMG_0324IMG_0325IMG_0326 (1)




A few take-aways:

  • I did not emphasize that the black statement card is true; therefore their first statement needs to be an If Then version of it.
  • Students started off slow but quickly picked up on what was happening.
  • I am really excited for the gallery walk and giving students time tomorrow to work through and discuss which statements are logically equivalent.
  • Some students mixed up the order of the statements, this will also be interesting.

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