Day 25: Mrs. Murphy’s Laundry

Geometry worked through Mrs. Murphy’s Laundry today, which is from from Fawn’s 180. For the first time this year I heard students talking about the problem on their way out the door and in the hall an hour after.

I started out by giving students 5 minutes to work on the problem by themselves. Then broke them into groups using IsntantClassroom. From here each group had around 40 minutes to agree on whom to arrest.


This is the first time Geometry worked on whiteboards; here’s a quick preview of how things unfolded.



IMG_0340IMG_0341This week we have been talking about inductive/deductive reasoning, during the lesson the only thing I stressed was that each group needed to be able to clearly communicate their reasoning for arresting someone.

At one point two groups felt they had eliminated all suspects… So they had a large group discussion and were able to figure something out.


Tomorrow groups will present their cases in front of the class. Here are a few boards of groups that were able to reach a conclusion.



I am looking forward to hearing students present their cases tomorrow.

In Algebra students worked through a few sets of problems involving proportions and unit rates.


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