Day 39: Boosting Number Sense

Another teacher in my department shared with me a gold mine of openers from Yale National Institute. These are flat out amazing. For the last few weeks I have been pulling a few of these and using them.


If you want to talk Common Core Practices these hit on almost all of them.


I could write a full length post on how rich the discussions have been behind every single one of these…

Today in Geometry I threw these two up:



Any time my students are perplexed or stumped I get pretty excited. B took students quite a while to evaluate and after they solved it I saw the satisfaction that I push so hard for everyday in their expressions.

Day39There was one great discussion on if it was legal to change 48(52) to (50)(50). One student provided a counter example of 10(4) which does not equal 7(7).

Anyways… I just wanted to share this out, here are the goods.


One thought on “Day 39: Boosting Number Sense

  1. I think you have already mentioned this on another post, but estimation is a good exercise for developing number sense. For high school students, it also has the benefit that it doesn’t seem like something they should have mastered at a younger age, so won’t have an attached stigma.

    Of course this is great: but you can also use measures that are directly at hand (how tall is the room, what’s the area of the blackboard, etc).


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