Day 41: Waterline + Hotel Snap

I have been wanting to try Water Line by Desmos for almost a year. Today was finally the day!

I wasn’t quite sure how much I should pre-load students on graphing functions when going into this… So I didn’t give them any.

We went into the computer lab, I gave them directions how to access the activity and they worked….

For the entire period.

I used by iPad to monitor and help a few struggling students along the way.


But, as the day progressed that happened less and less. I found that the students who were plotting points or had holes in the graph were self correcting. Once they were able to create their own vase and solve others, a majority of the misconceptions and struggles had been sorted out.

By the way… Desmos has an awesome dashboard when you can follow students through the learning process.


Today I was less helpful than most days, which was uncomfortable. There were a few students off task here and there but for the most part all students were engaged. In my opinion it is incredibly important to have days like this; where the teacher steps back and just lets things happen. I am by no means leaving students at this place and moving forward, but allowing students to begin the learning process and come up with their own questions without the direction of a teacher is awesome.

Tomorrow I am bringing up the cupboard for each class and we will discuss difficulties and answer questions, then move onto Dan’s Graphing Stories.

In Geometry students started Fawn’s Hotel Snap. I have no real reason for the timing of this activity (we are in the middle of parallel/perpendicular lines) but I wanted to try it!

I am really interested in how student’s hotels will pan out, every design is different.






The discussions among students were great and they seemed to all be happy with their final designs. More on this tomorrow!


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