Day 51: Station Review

One type of review I like to have students go through is stations. They have six different stations they rotate through with various types of problems. Here is how it works:

  • Students break into groups of 3-4.
  • Each student has their own sheet of paper where they show all their work.
  • Once they finish the review each group staples all their work together as a packet.
  • I randomly choose one of the groups papers and grade it on correctness.
  • The whole group receives that persons score.

After doing this a few times here are the things I like about the review:

  1. Students work hard the whole time.
  2. Classroom management is minimal.
  3. I get to monitor the room and work with individual students/groups to address misconceptions.

And here are the things i don’t like:

  1. Students are extrinsically motivated to work.
  2. A lot of the times I see the group copying one student’s work.

The reason I wanted to post about this today was I heard a student say “Gosh this is miserable”.

This is the first time this year I have heard a student say this (I am sure it has happened but I haven’t heard it yet).

I have given practice assignments, book work and worksheets throughout the year but students were never vocal about disliking them. I have a theory as to why students suddenly started complaining…

There is a grade attached to it.

The second I shift students focus away from going through problems as practice to going through problems for a grade the entire classroom environment I have created flips upside down. I felt dirty telling students that I was giving them a grade based off how another student in their group preformed.

I believe there is a lot of great aspects to take away from this type of review. But on the flip side, I need to shift student’s focus during the activity. More to come on this when I revamp it and try it again in a couple months.


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