Day 55: Workshop

I was out of class today attending the second part of a workshop from last year.

The focus of the day was around a workshop model which revolves around a single problem with discourse inserted at different points.

The instructors started by asking the group of around 35 administrators, teachers, and coaches for questions about the model/pretty much anything else.

I wanted to share that list here:

  • How can we cover the required content and have time to incorporate this model?
  • How do we get through everything in a 47 minute period?
  • Should this happen everyday?
  • When is there a time for direct instruction?
  • How can we use this model to teach math facts?
  • How can we get all students to participate in discourse?
  • How can we modify this for students who don’t fit the traditional classroom?

The disappointing part for me was after we came up with this list, I never saw it again. The instructors had an agenda (which was interesting) and didn’t spend any time answering these questions.

All in all the workshop was a great experience. My view on these questions is that I need to make time to perplex students and provide them with lessons/activities where they struggle and discover a NEED for math. Meaningful discourse comes from this need.


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