Day 61: Pass the Proof

Proofs take time to learn. They take an even longer time to get good at. I have been trying to tackle proofs from every direction I can possibly think of. The latest of which is called Pass the Proof.

Here is a quick rundown:

  • students break into groups of four
  • each group gets a sheet that has 3 proofs on it, each looks something like this


or this


  • each student has three options; fill in a statement, fill in a reason, or erase one of those two.
  • After doing so they pass the sheet to the next person in the group.
  • Repeat till Q.E.D.

I made into a game. The first correct group received 3 points, second – two points, third – one point. We briefly talked about each proof upon completion.

I really enjoyed this activity!

** Update ** Here are the proofs I used.


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