Day 64: Slope

I left school yesterday not feeling so great about Geometry. Yesterday was pretty tough mentally for me. We talked about them problem at the beginning of class, only 2 of the 20 students didn’t try the problem which was great!

I am going to write more on that tomorrow… I need a little more time to think about how to tweak it for next year. One thing I do know is I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted students to get out of the problem, I pretty much went in blind.

In algebra we started slope. I like looking back at Dan’s Algebra slides and trying some of his old techniques.

I started class with this on the board:


Students started to weave through different relationships, completing a table for each.



There were so many different, crazy, cool ways students were working through these. After a while the tables started looking like this:


We talked about all the different ways students saw this, then I had them fill in the missing values.

Day64.5Everything tied together at this point and words like slope and rise over run started coming up. We plotted the values and saw that to get from one point on the line to another, students could go down three units and right one or down twelve units and right four.

I threw this at em’


Students derived the slope formula and we talked about how taking the difference of two values is the same as finding the distance between them. I liked using the tables as a technique to lower the entry points for students and gradually increasing the difficulty and refining the language of what calculations were happening.

Tomorrow is another new day!


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