Day 68: Stacking Cups

Algebra worked through Dan’s stacking cups. Last year I went to the store and picked up a whole bunch of cups, so we used those today to verify answers.

I struggled to keep students attention, they were pretty resistant to correct mistakes and all day kinda felt like an uphill battle. In some periods I caved halfway through and we worked through creating an equation together (which was basically me giving it to them).

I am sure that some of the issues came from my lack of enthusiasm after a few periods in a row where the lesson didn’t go so well. I tried to establish expectations but there were still cups being destroyed and that sorta thing.

I gave em an exit ticket to find how many cups tall the tallest man alive would be… a majority of students are on the write track, so this was encouraging. Tomorrow I am breaking students into groups again and giving them all different types of cups. More on this tomorrow.

Tough day.


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