Day 72: Incentive Day

My school had another incentive day today, plus it was a half day. I posted about the last one of these here.

I had a nice discussion with a colleague yesterday about interacting with students…

A lot of times when I ask students questions about there work it is because I see a mistake. The colleague pitched the idea of asking students to explain their correct work at times, instead of only having them go over it when there is a mistake.

This short conversation was really helpful for me.

I get so caught up in things at times that I don’t even realize some days every conversation I have with students revolves around picking and questioning their mistakes. I haven’t had them explain why their work is correct much. Ever.

I want to work on creating positive interactions with students more often.


2 thoughts on “Day 72: Incentive Day

  1. One approach is to ask them to explain to a friend. That may seem less patronizing. Another is to use their explanations as a springboard into multiple ways of looking at something. that means their explanation isn’t just a way for you to check their thinking but also truly sharing their idea as part of a mutually beneficial conversation.

    Also, why aren’t the interactions about mistakes positive? If they are making an effort and don’t get something, then you have learned:
    (a) you are teaching them (they don’t already know it)
    (b) some clues about what they do understand and what they misunderstand
    (c) something that is likely to be puzzling other students in the class

    If they aren’t making an effort, then, sure that is frustrating. Even there, however, you have an opportunity to find out why they aren’t engaged and what can be done about it (both you and them).

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