Day 82: Graphing Calculators

Algebra practiced creating scatter plots on graphing calculators today. Later this week they should be regression masters. I wish Desmos had a linear regression tool… Students were asking about it today.

** UPDATE ** Desmos has a regression tool. YES!

Geometry started on the triangle midsegment theorem. We had some interesting conversations about taking the midsegment of a midsegment several times and what the outcome would be. There is some exponential action going on behind the scenes.


3 thoughts on “Day 82: Graphing Calculators

  1. We’re talking midsegments as well. Did you find that your kiddos pretty easily agreed with the conclusions of the midsegments theorem? I’m really pleased so far with the comfort level I am seeing right now. We’ll see on Friday…


    1. Yeah, my students seem really comfortable with the concept. We talked about how the slope between two midpoints should be the same slope as somewhere else on the triangle + they didn’t need much convincing for the half length part of it.


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