Day 84: Regression

Today was chaos. Algebra started finding linear regressions on graphing calculators. I have a set of 15 (identical?) calculators, however half of them have an out of date operating system. This baffles me because they all were shipped and arrived at the same time. So when we started imputing commands to find regressions different menus popped up.

I am extremely thankful for the #MTBoS response on Desmos having a regression tool, we are going over that tomorrow on cellphones and iPads. I am not sure how to tackle the fact that all students don’t have smartphones with Desmos capability. The computer labs are booked and it feels almost unfair to ask students to find the line of best fit on calculators when Desmos is so much easier.

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Day 84: Regression

  1. I feel like the regressions are now calculated easily with tech, it’s more about defending a claim that a line is a good fit, what type of equation is a good fit, or using the approximation to predict values not given in the data set.
    I made a regression approximation practice with desmos here:

    It can show feedback of least squares and residuals, and you can change the data set or add/substitute your own in the table

    I haven’t actually done it but I want to try using some beads/M&Ms/rice/other as a small item and scatter it on a grid, then take a line/pencil/noodle/PipeCleaner and have the students pick a line. Then the student(s) would defend the claim that the line fits.

    On balancing tech access, as long as 1 in the group has it things should work. Especially when the tech of desmos does things so fast.

    Quick heads up on iOS app for desmos: it doesn’t copy paste on iOS (yet).


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