Day 95: A bit of everything

Over the last few weeks I have been using openers as more of a tool for review than anything. This time of the year is tough and I get caught up in all the madness of deadlines and content expectations.

I pulled myself together and gave students this opener today:

Day95.1Here is a list of the estimates


All of these make sense to me. What I get crazy for is watching the answer. If you haven’t clicked on the link above here is another opportunity.

The spoon crushed all hopes and dreams across the board in my 5 classes. Watching student’s reactions to the video was the highlight of my week.

What is interesting to me was how much student engagement increased since I started getting back in the swing of openers from visual patterns and estimate180. I believe students come into class expecting an 50 minute chunk of bookwork/lecture, which isn’t fun for anyone. But lowering the entry point of math class by giving students a low-risk opportunity has had a huge impact on my classroom even this far into the year.


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