Day 104: Construction Projects

I was down for the count yesterday… There are various colds and forms of the flu going around school and I came across one of them; so yesterday there was no post. I am feeling better today and wanted to share geometry’s finished construction projects.

A quick rundown of the project:

First I asked them to recreate a few designs out of a packet of 50 so. Then, I challenged students to mess around with inscribed penta/hexagons and get creative in various intersections and arcs. In all, they had about two days in class to work on them plus a weekend. I am pumped about their original creations…






Lots of other great ones as well!


2 thoughts on “Day 104: Construction Projects

  1. I really like your students’ construction projects. i was wondering what resource you used for your original designs you gave to students to seed their designs?


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