Day 125: Off

I was out sick Thursday and Friday of last week and came back to crazy today.

Algebra is working on properties of exponents. They had back to back worksheets, which I graded over the weekend.They were… let’s not talk about them actually. It feels like over the past few weeks I have been so caught up in focusing on the concept that I have put the students on the back-burner; trying to plow through content.

I don’t like feeling this way.

**30 minutes after that sentence**

A student came in for help while I was writing and we retested over a concept. This student raised a concept score from a 2 to a 4 (which is near mastery). This student has made a tremendous amount of progress throughout the year.

After the student left, I sent a email to the parents telling them what I wrote above. I have already had a few posts about this but January/February/March are tough. A lot of teachers talk about it and it is hard not to join in on the negativity.

Something I always forget is for every 1 aspect of teaching that goes wrong, there are 10 positives to out weigh it. I have some students see problems in amazing ways, I am even jealous sometimes of it! There are also students like the one above who have come so far this year. Recognizing and focusing on those students and positive interactions makes the January/February/March crunch no big deal.


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