Day 141: Grudge

Algebra reviewed factoring trinomials today. A colleague shared with me a review game he used late last week, which he found over at Nathan Kraft’s Blog.

This is hands down one of my favorite.

Nathan has a great write up with detailed directions, so I am just going to highlight a few fun things I observed (I did add a few rounds where students could add an X instead of remove one).

  • Politics; Students would make treaties with others or try to bribe them (with their own homework passes or negotiate a two-turn treaty)
  • In one period, a group of students would answer each question correctly and then form a huddle to decide on which student to turn into a zombie each round… This eventually led to members of the group betraying one-another.
  • One particular student convinced 8 others to give him lives during a health round… This set the cross-hairs on him and he was quickly eliminated the following round.
  •  “Next time we play this I’m not gonna trust you”… “Can we play this again next week?” THEY WANTED MORE.
  • Lots and lots of great math happened throughout the period.

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