Day 142: This and that

Algebra and geometry took concept tests today. These are always kind of interesting because they take less than 20 minutes, which leaves me with 30 minutes of instruction time. Today I introduced factoring special products then they took the test.

I am not sure what the best way to spend the other 30 minutes is… (we take concept tests nearly every week)

I have tried:

  1. Testing then teaching and vice-versa.
  2. Finding some interesting puzzle/problem for students to work on after the test.
  3. Study hall after the test (Another way of saying I didn’t plan anything)

My go to is something like #1. The issue with this is my lower students get the concepts on the test mixed up with the new concepts I just taught (Especially today when we covered factoring special products and then multiplying special binomial products was on the test). Plus I am not sure how much of the information students actually retain when they know they have a test coming in the next 25 or so minutes.

#2 is what I would like to do all the time. However, students don’t seem to get as excited about these problems and feel that since they already took a test, they can check out for the rest of the day.

#3 is… a waste of valuable time if I test each week.

Finding a balance is hard, I am interested in how you use the extra time after a quiz/test.


6 thoughts on “Day 142: This and that

  1. I had a lot of success earlier in my school year with providing students with wooden puzzles. I know they may be expensive. But, it could be a goal to work toward to have a class set of different wooden puzzles that students could struggle on. I do a similar thing with concept tests, and would love to get back to that.


  2. If you test every week, could they have a project that they only work on on test days? Something that interests them, a group project that they present to others…lots of options.


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