Day 144: Busy (Help?!)

Last week my district had Friday off which was a great day for recovery. Today I found out that I have an observation this Thursday in Geometry. I am kind of rushing to get things put together. We will be going over composite figures and I can’t find anything I am really happy with at the moment, so I have spent the last few hours digging for resources.

If you have anything to share please do!


Worked and dug for a couple more hours and came across some really old (but cool) stuff from Dan. Had a heck of a time picking through some awful lessons/resources that came up on Google. Going take a Pick’s Theorem sorta direction on this. Who cares if it isn’t covered in the textbook…


2 thoughts on “Day 144: Busy (Help?!)

  1. If you have been having difficulty finding composite figures to use with your geometry classes, you may want to look at the Eureka Math modules. There are composite 2 and 3 dimensional figures throughout the middle (and high) school grades. Not sure if you are looking for 2D or 3D composite figures. If you need me to help you locate them, please reach out.


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