Day 146: Intro to Quadratics

Over two out two from the origin both ways, then go beneath the x-axis, over 5 down 5, then back above the x-axis above 10 and 10 over”

Any ideas what the graph this student was trying to describe looks like?

Algebra is starting quadratics and with that comes a mountain of vocab; upwards, downwards, vertex, maximum, minimum… ect. Instead of having students read/take notes or listen to a lecture on the important of all the vocab I have them do the following:

  1. Break into pairs
  2. Each pair needs a single whiteboard, marker, and eraser
  3. Move desks around so students are facing towards each other; one needs to be looking at the smartboard while the other has their back to it.
  4. Throw a graph up on the board (Thanks Desmos)Day146_1
  5. Without drawing in the air, pointing, listing off ordered pairs or anything like that the student facing the smartboard describes the graph as best they can to their partner (who can’t see it).
  6. Students struggle.
  7. Students get it.
  8. Partners switch positions and repeat.

Some of the best conversations about math happened today. Listen to a student describe to another what an exponential curve looks like for the first time ever was priceless. Students developed strategies and realized which points were critical in their partners success. They also saw the need for some mathematical framework, which was laid in place only after they encountered some tough ones.

Here are a few other graphs I threw up

Day146_2 Day146_3 Day146_4 Day146_5Can you guess which one the student was trying to describe?


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