Day 147: Pick’s Theorem

An admin came in today for my second observation of the year, this time they observed geometry. The class went great, students stepped up and had a productive period.

The lesson was on finding areas of composite and irregular figures. I had crammed too much into the slides for the lesson and made a mid-lesson decision to only cover finding the areas of figures on a coordinate system or dot paper.

I pulled most of my resources from Dan Meyer’s post. Class flowed really smoothly, students struggled in places I had expected and were all successful in the end (they even derived Pick’s Theorem!)

Throughout the lesson I tried my best to keep this ratio as close to 0 as I could.

RatioA lot of times when I try to keep this at 0, students drift and I lose them. Today, I felt like I had perfect points of entry in helping students while at the same time having a minimal impact on their ownership of the material. They owned it today.


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