Day 150: Ticket Roll (Student Work)

Continuation from yesterday’s post.

There were some interesting ways students went about finding the total tickets, have a look.

IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617

I have been working on transitions within 3-Act problems.They always start really well then student engagement and quality of work slowly decline. Folding a sheet of plain old paper into 6 regions and having a purpose for each region has helped quite a bit.

For those interested

  1. Estimate: Guess, low, high
  2. Info they need
  3. Game plan of how they will use that info
  4. Provided information
  5.  and    6.    Work

One strategy that worked well today was I had students share out their confident calculations. I threw ’em on the board and then whoever had the closest talked about their solution process.

The tail end of lessons seems to be a weak spot in my daily instruction, I’m interested to hear in what sort of closing routines you all have.


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