Day 151: Dice

Geometry is shifting into a little bit of stats for geometric probability. I started students off by playing three different dice games:

Pic_1 Pic_2 Pic_3

For each game, I had the winner raise their hand and say if they were Player A or B. We discussed why or why not the game was fair. The last thing students looked at was if there was a way to fix the game and make it fair.


3 thoughts on “Day 151: Dice

  1. All three games, as presented, have a slight typo in their very final line: The second “is” should be deleted.

    The second game is nice; it can be re-interpreted as asking about the proportion of a 6×6 multiplication table that is odd (or, equivalently, even). Since only 1/4 of the outcomes are odd, and 3/4 of the outcomes are even, the game becomes “fair” if the odd payout (say, 3 tick marks in the win column) is 3 times that of the even payout (say, 1 tick mark in the win column).


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