Day 157: Soma Cube

Geometry is wrapping up areas and moving into volumes. One of my favorite activities to foster spacial reasoning is the Seven-Piece Soma Cube. If you have never heard of this… here is a quick run down.

  • Have students grab 27 math-link cubes (the ones that attach to each other)
  • Challenge them to create all possible combinations of 3 and 4 piece cubes, the catch is at least one inside edge  must be formed.
  • Eventually, they will get all possible combinations, this takes some time. For my lower students I put up this visual:Cube
  • Once they have all seven pieces, they arrange them to create a 3x3x3 cube.
  • There are something like 260 possible combinations… 

Students worked hard and gave positive reviews to the activity. This sorta activity is a lot of fun.


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