Day 158: Bloggin’

I have weekly routine of finding and reading blogs each week. The people and resources that I most frequently visit cane be found under my Other Folks tab above. As times goes on, I dig deeper and deeper into different branches of the MTBoS. The resources I have come across over the last two years have impacted and shifted my teaching practices tremendously.

Without this awesome community of educators, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I find lessons and activities that I get so excited about and read reflections that continually help me become better.

For this post I want to share a few bloggers that I have been really enjoying lately.

  • Justin AionToday’s post over at his blog really hit home in looking at how students process their misbehavior. If your looking for daily reflection check him out.
  • Michaela Newman – Drones. Enough said.
  • Jackie Selevan – Looks like she is starting up a 180 blog next year. Excited to follow her along that journey next year.
  • Jonathan Newman – I dig further and further back into his blog each time I swing by. Some great in-depth reflection.

Apparently I like people whose names start with J’s or last names are Newman. Weird.


One thought on “Day 158: Bloggin’

  1. Thanks for the shout out Dan. Your blog is what made me finally jump into actually participating in MTBoS myself as opposed to just reading. I think I was at MSU 2 years before you, but just for my senior year. Hoping to meet you in person this year at TMC, Micaela


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