This year was great. I had awesome students, great collaboration with colleagues and daily reflection. I took some time after school wrapped up to go back and read through all my posts. I noticed that first 70 or so were pretty rough. I was in a weird place; trying to establish credibility and write like all the other bloggers out there I look up to, yet at the same time make my posts unique.

At times blogging every day was stressful. There were a couple moments out there where I almost threw in the towel… I spent 5+ hours each Sunday putting together fresh and new lessons for algebra and geometry (I didn’t reuse a single set of slides I created last year… mostly because of a transition from PowerPoint to SmartNotebook). But long story short, Sundays, 1 to 2 additional hours of prep each day and blogging wore me down after 38 weeks. Thanks to all of you, I made it.

This blog held me accountable in providing top notch lessons for my students each week (I dreaded the days where I had to write about using a Pizzazz or Kuta worksheet). I was also able to reflect each day on what went well or not so well, which, in my eyes is extremely important.

Basically, I am trying to say I am happy with all the improvements I made throughout the year.

But…I still want to be better. a lot better.

Here is what the future holds Quadrant Dan and myself…

  • I am really happy with the number of lessons I have stock piled on this blog. Next year, I will not be continuing a daily blog. I do however plan to post frequently. I want to dig deeper though and increase the quality of my posts, rather than quantity.
  • The main reason for the discontinuation of daily posts is next year I gained another class. I will be teaching algebra, geometry and IB math studies. The IB class is going to add an an enormous amount of work to my plate. Plus, I still have a lot to do for algebra and geometry; three preps will be intense.

I am excited for August to roll around and start my third year. Feel free to tweet at me @danburf, comment on an old post (I love questions), or drop me an email at anytime. Let’s keep these great conversations rolling!


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