Day 73: SAT Opener

Today was pretty wild.


In algebra we went over graphing lines, nothing really fancy here. I am looking for short activities relating to this concept┬áthat will get students into the swing of things but so far haven’t had in luck in finding those.

Geometry went over some SBAC openers, which I thought were fun. They did really well on them and we had some good discussions over multiple solutions. I threw in a SAT question at the end also… When I was in high school the first time I saw an SAT question was on the practice book, this one tied in well with the concepts we have covered this year.


It is inevitable that students are going to take the ACT or SAT in my school at some point so a little exposure to these questions is a good thing in my opinion. Variety is good.

Anyways all but one student in my class said the answer was D, which is the answer to a question, just not the one the SAT folks were asking. I really regret not firing back and asking the class what question D was the answer to. I will keep that in mind for next time!