Day 175: Rolling Dice

Algebra played the same dice games I wrote about on Day 151 for geometry a month or so ago. There was an assembly today so I didn’t have geometry.


Day 154: Quadratic Transformations

To get students into the swing of comparing 2-4 quadratic functions I had them pick up an equation and graph on their way in today. The equations were of the form y = ax² + c, and either had different a values or c.

They put ’em up by colors and had a quick galley walk, discussing the similarities and differences.

IMG_0621 IMG_0622 IMG_0623Desmos and the ability to add sliders, made everyone’s lives a whole lot easier when it came down to comparing functions like:

f(x) = x²


g(x) = -¾x² – 12.

Students seemed to pick up on transformations pretty quick and did well in describing the differences between functions.

Day 129: Really Tall Things

A week ago I came across Kate Nowak’s awesome post on Trig. I was already into the heat of things, but pulled her activity on finding the height of some really tall things. Geometry had a lot of fun messing around with inclinometer apps. In turn we had some great conversations on real error. Students were getting heights of over 500 meters then 2 meters for the same object.

Next week we are diving into Law of Sines and Cosines, should be fun!