Day 138: Bingo II

Algebra has been spending a lot of time on factoring GCF. Today, they topped off their practice with a round of factoring/distributing BINGO.


Earlier this year, I wrote a post about how BINGO works, check that out here.

I regret using multiple variables here, a few students picked up on just matching variables and coefficients. Maybe that’s a good thing they picked up on it though, it made their lives a whole lot easier. If students won I gave ’em a homework pass. By the end of the period they were begging for just one more number. Fun.


Day 75: Bingo!

Today, algebra reviewed finding the equation of a line when given two points for a concept test tomorrow. A few months ago, I came across this post over at Everybody is a Genius. The idea had been sitting in my bookmarks for way to long so I gave a try.

I used pretty much the exact format explained in the post.  was my go to for generating the numbers and I created my own template for the board.

As a class we worked through a few of the difficult ones with fractions as y-intercepts as they came up and took some time to discuss ordered pairs with x-values of 0.It is true that by the end of the period students were begging for just one more question.

IMG_0516Here are the goods…

Bingo Sheet

24 Problems

I had a fun time watching students work through this review. I may have had even more fun telling them about watching older folks play bingo on cruise ships when growing up.