Day 170: Programming

Algebra is wrapping up work with the quadratic formula. Today we went over how to write a program for the quadratic formula on Ti calculators.

I started ’em off with a step-by-step explanation of writing a program to find the slope of a line between any two given points. After testing it a few times, I passed around this sheet of code;


Students either went at it themselves or looked up to the smartboard where I was working through writing the program with a document camera. I know there are programs out there with less lines of code and if then commands for the discriminant, but for only one day of programming I felt this was more than enough.

They then used the program to correct an assignment from yesterday. For the last 5 minutes of class, we worked through writing code for this mystery program:



Day 115: Clash of Calculators

Well, I bombed a lesson in geometry on geometric mean today. I went way too fast through the different similar triangles, tomorrow is a new day and another try at it. It is my first time through geometry so I am not as prepared in how to explain certain concepts. Whereas this is my third year through this portion of the algebra curriculum.

Anyways… I wanted to share one of my favorite openers (of all time).Calc_Opener

Last year I asked them which calculator is correct. This year I didn’t say anything and let them ask the questions.

We are working on exponents and there have been some good discussions over order of operations since T.I. calculators say -3² = -9 and iPhones say -3² = 9. A good extension on this opener is to ask what solution each calculator would spit out for another expression.

*I don’t remember where this image came from… if you have seen it before let me know and will give out some credit.