Day 119: Incentive Day

For the final time this year, my school had an incentive day where only students with either grades below a C or multiple absences are required to attend. This time around I had the highest percentage of students attend. I believe this is for several reasons, but mostly because of the fact that the flu hit my school hard this year.

A quick note for future Dan when I come back and re-read this blog:

This time of the year is hard. If you feel burnt out, these feelings have happened before and they will happen again. Find something that excites you or something you have always wanted to try and spend a day on it. You and your students deserve it. Don’t fall into the pit of bookwork/worksheets for weeks on end.

Have a good weekend!


Day 72: Incentive Day

My school had another incentive day today, plus it was a half day. I posted about the last one of these here.

I had a nice discussion with a colleague yesterday about interacting with students…

A lot of times when I ask students questions about there work it is because I see a mistake. The colleague pitched the idea of asking students to explain their correct work at times, instead of only having them go over it when there is a mistake.

This short conversation was really helpful for me.

I get so caught up in things at times that I don’t even realize some days every conversation I have with students revolves around picking and questioning their mistakes. I haven’t had them explain why their work is correct much. Ever.

I want to work on creating positive interactions with students more often.