Day 140: Transformation Project

Last week I gave geometry a project where they had to apply multiple transformations to an image. *Credit goes out to Perfect Squares.*

Here is what I put up on the board:

-Start by drawing an image
-You must: 1. Reflect
2. Translate
3. Rotate
Your image, order doesn’t matter, it has to fit on the graph paper provided though.
-Document and label vertices/transformations.

(I probably also told ’em somewhere along the way that they needed to have some color in there…)

Students worked hard and the results were awesome.







Day 104: Construction Projects

I was down for the count yesterday… There are various colds and forms of the flu going around school and I came across one of them; so yesterday there was no post. I am feeling better today and wanted to share geometry’s finished construction projects.

A quick rundown of the project:

First I asked them to recreate a few designs out of a packet of 50 so. Then, I challenged students to mess around with inscribed penta/hexagons and get creative in various intersections and arcs. In all, they had about two days in class to work on them plus a weekend. I am pumped about their original creations…






Lots of other great ones as well!

Day 99: Construction Art

In geometry we have been talking A LOT about quadrilaterals. We just wrapped up the chapter and I wanted to mix things up a bit. So today students started a construction design project. I gave them a challenge worksheet, which walked them through the steps of constructing an inscribed pentagon and they ended up really struggling with it.

The directions were awful.

Math Open Reference saved the day. We talked about how to inscribe different shapes and they went on their way creating some really cool designs by looking at diagonals and different intersections within polygons.

Pictures coming soon!