Day 110: Triangle Similarity

Algebra spent the day working on systems of linear inequalities. I wanted to show students other resources available to them other than myself, other teachers, and other students, so I put on a quick Khan Academy Video. There has been some discussion lately on the MTBoS over this sorta thing, which I am staying out of.

I believe it is important to provide students with as may resources as possible to help them succeed. In my opinion Khan is one of those. I used youtube to help me through some tough Calculus, it didn’t replace any classroom experiences but was an incredibly helpful resource.

Geometry is working on triangle similarity. They were struggling with solving proportions so we spent quite a bit of time working on review. I threw up a few pictures which I wrote about here and we talked about them (where the unit rate appears and answering the questions via unit rate vs proportion).


Day 24: Proportions

It was a new day today and things went great. In algebra I put up the following pictures (credit goes out to Dan)



I wish I would have read a little more into his post before today; I lacked the strong closure and connections. After talking about these for a while, we dove into proportions.




Students didn’t have much trouble with these, but we had some great conversations on the different methods of solving each. A lot of students were looking for patterns between the two ratios so when I threw this one up they were perplexed.

day24.5We talked about how most of the time we see a variable in the numerator of a fraction and worked on using inverse operations to get it there. I was hesitant to simply tell them the technique of cross multiplication without any reason for WHY it worked. We will get into that tomorrow and follow up with some practice for most of the period.

In Geometry we worked on syllogisms and the law of detachment. I used the witch clip from Monty Python and Direct T.V. commercials to introduce the concept then followed up by having students write their own. They really seemed to enjoy this!

Much better day today!