Day 172: Substitution Puzzles

For the last few weeks I have been using half the period on Fridays to review. A couple of weeks ago I came across some great puzzles at MathArugments180 (the actual credit seems to go to Mimi). These helped students ease back into solving systems by substitution today. I want to also make a note here for next year to use these as a follow up to Noah’s Ark.


A colleague showed me these puzzles about 4 months ago also… I missed out not using ’em earlier.


Day 77: Stellated Octahedrons

We made these in geometry today:


What started with cubes ended with unfolding the cubes and adding an additional crease into the mix to allow us to pull off a stellated octahedron.

Algebra went through a couple different Shikaku puzzles which can be found here.

Some students were FAST at these so I pulled up a pretty difficult one, which took a group of three around 10 minutes to solve.


I am going to take a break for the blogging till school starts up next year! I enjoyed these activities as day-before-christmas-break-oh-gosh-what-will-we-do activities to keep students thinking and engaged. Let me know what you did in the comments below!

Happy Holidays