Day 165: Dandy Candies II

Geometry finished up Dandy Candies from yesterday.

My district has a cross curriculum writing protocol that pretty much all students understand. I had my group write a paragraph analyzing if there was a better packaging option out there than the four we looked at yesterday.

They did a great job on their paragraphs, I was impressed with the level of understanding and reasoning they put into the problem.



Day 164: Dandy Candies

Geometry tackled Dandy Candies today. This 3-Act has a great flow and I love the animations in the video.


I made a couple mistakes along the way in asking students to solve for both surface area and ribbon used at the same time; too much was happening at once for some of ’em. However, they were able to answer both questions by the end of the period. I sent them home work the extension question of “Is there a packaging method out there that uses even less cardboard than option B?”.

Another great question just came to mind: Will the option that uses the least amount of cardboard always use the least amount of ribbon? These questions are scary close to maximum and minimum values of functions… Nice.

More to come on this tomorrow.