Day 140: Transformation Project

Last week I gave geometry a project where they had to apply multiple transformations to an image. *Credit goes out to Perfect Squares.*

Here is what I put up on the board:

-Start by drawing an image
-You must: 1. Reflect
2. Translate
3. Rotate
Your image, order doesn’t matter, it has to fit on the graph paper provided though.
-Document and label vertices/transformations.

(I probably also told ’em somewhere along the way that they needed to have some color in there…)

Students worked hard and the results were awesome.







Day 48: Transformations

It has been a while since I wrote a post on where I am at in Geometry. This is my first time through the curriculum so the whole deal is pretty crazy. We just wrapped up talking about proving lines parallel by pairs of angles and the transversal business. Now, we are moving into a massive chapter on triangles, which i am looking forward to.

I started off with transformations. Thegeometryteacher has a massive amount of helpful resources that I pull form on a weekly basis. The latest of which is this exploration on transformations. I added a 4th page to the sheet covering dilations, but for the most part the exploration was all student guided.

Before passing out the worksheet we went over a couple of the activators he provided.



I am really excited to challenge students by asking them how to reflect across a line that isn’t the x or y axis, say y = -2x for example. More to come in the future!