Day 158: Bloggin’

I have weekly routine of finding and reading blogs each week. The people and resources that I most frequently visit cane be found under my Other Folks tab above. As times goes on, I dig deeper and deeper into different branches of the MTBoS. The resources I have come across over the last two years have impacted and shifted my teaching practices tremendously.

Without this awesome community of educators, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I find lessons and activities that I get so excited about and read reflections that continually help me become better.

For this post I want to share a few bloggers that I have been really enjoying lately.

  • Justin AionToday’s post over at his blog really hit home in looking at how students process their misbehavior. If your looking for daily reflection check him out.
  • Michaela Newman – Drones. Enough said.
  • Jackie Selevan – Looks like she is starting up a 180 blog next year. Excited to follow her along that journey next year.
  • Jonathan Newman – I dig further and further back into his blog each time I swing by. Some great in-depth reflection.

Apparently I like people whose names start with J’s or last names are Newman. Weird.


Day 109: Favorite Tweets #2

This is a continuation of Favorite Tweets.

It is interesting to see how my favorited tweets have shifted since the beginning of the year. It looks like my more recent favorites have been more about facts/interesting bits than deep reflective sorta things.

Either way, here are a few of my favorite favorites.

Day 50: Favorite Tweets #1

For day 50 I am mixing things up. Here are my favorite tweets from the last few months or so:

My favorite of all the tweets… I have started telling my students this.