Day 87: Sometimes Mr. Burfeind….

I give my students a Teacher Report Card two times a year, where they answer questions and give me feedback on how I am doing (Idea/question from Matt Vaudrey). Last week I opened up the Google form for responses. So far I have around 60 of my 78 students with replies.

While I wait a couple more days…. here are my student’s responses to:

Sometimes, Mr. Burfeind ___________, but not always.

  • Is 2 legit 2 quit
  • Tells jokes
  • Gets mad
  • Wears a tie
  • Goes over things too fast
  • Talks
  • Lets (student name here) sleep
  • Lets us take breathers during assignments
  • Cool
  • Laughs
  • Doesn’t make us do math
  • Lets us mess around
  • Tells Nels stories
  • Is serious
  • Paces awkwardly around the room
  • Gets off track
  • Shows us fun pictures
  • Seems like a little kid
  • Gets distracted
  • Does not explain something to everyone’s understanding
  • Plays music
  • Likes to joke around
  • Tells funny jokes
  • Gets off track
  • Gets sidetrack
  • Jokes around
  • Has pretty cool assignments
  • Is strict
  • Screams bingo
  • Stares
  • Lets people sleep
  • Is weird
  • Lets us get on our phones
  • Is fun
  • Is funny
  • Screams bingo

3 thoughts on “Day 87: Sometimes Mr. Burfeind….

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I link the survey to the webpage my district provides then have students spend 10-15 minutes in class completing the survey and leave it up for a couple days for those unable to complete it!


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