Day 135: Reflections

Geometry was great today.

The sequencing in our textbook is funky. Transformations are scattered throughout, about a section in each chapter, then chapter 9 comes along and is all about transformations. I was feeling unmotivated going into the chapter; I had pretty much taught and tested on everything coming into it.

Looking for hope, I dove into the MTBoS and came across a gold mine of resources from Andrew Shauver.

We started off with 3-Act Best Reflection. I cannot go off enough about how valuable this short discussion was. Students quickly picked a letter, then I asked them why they thought that was the best reflection. The conversation had such a natural progression into properties of reflections; congruent image and pre-image/perpendicular bisectors of each pair of points.

After, students worked on Andrew’s Exploration and Practice for reflections.



After about 15 minutes I passed out miras for students to check their sketches. The mira also made their lives a whole lot easier…

Finally students finished with Reflections Practice.


#4 and 5 will be good areas of discussion come tomorrow.


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